Past Committees


The history of the Kissing Point Sports Club includes the valued contributions of thousands of volunteers spanning many decades. In particular, the club acknowledges the individuals from past executive committees, and their contributions to the running of the club.

2023Peter TateJohn FergusonAdam CallenderCathleen Skoda
2022Peter TateJohn FergusonAdam CallenderCathleen Skoda
2021Peter TateJohn KlingbergvacantSarah Poulos
2020Peter TateJohn KlingbergvacantSarah Poulos
2019Peter TateJohn KlingbergvacantSarah Poulos
2018Peter TateJohn KlingbergvacantSarah Poulos
2017Peter TateJohn KlingbergvacantSarah Poulos
2016Peter TateJohn KlingbergMarion FaganSarah Poulos
2015David WatsonMarion FaganSarah Poulos
2014Stephen WoodRosie DahdahRussell Gill
2013Geoff SuggateStephen WoodRussell Gill
2012Geoff SuggateStephen Wood Russell Gill
2011Geoff SuggateJulie Commins/ Stephen WoodDeborah Phoebus
2010Geoff SuggateJulie ComminsDeborah Phoebus
2009John PollockJulie ComminsAlex Stitt
2008John PollockJulie ComminsAlex Stitt
2007John PollockJulie ComminsAlex Stitt
2006Trevor ZibellJulie ComminsAlex Stitt
2005Trevor ZibellJulie ComminsGreg Furze
2004Trevor ZibellJulie ComminsGreg Furze
2003David MudgeMarilynn BuchananGreg Furze
2002David MudgeMarilynn BuchananGreg Furze
2001David MudgeMarilynn BuchananGreg Furze
2000Rick DaniellMatthew ThomsonGreg Furze
1999Rick DaniellMatthew ThomsonGreg Furze
1998Bruce WilliamsMatthew ThomsonGreg Furze
1997Bruce WilliamsMatthew ThomsonGreg Furze
1996Bruce WilliamsPhil MaundrellGreg Furze
1995Colin JarvisPhil MaundrellGreg Furze
1994Colin JarvisDavid Kennedy Greg Furze
1993Graham SmithJan JarvisGreg Furze
1992Graham SmithJan JarvisGreg Furze
1991Paul ScholbergKate Dixon Greg Furze
1990Paul ScholbergKate DixonGreg Furze
1989Stewart RobertsonBruce Williams Greg Furze
1988Andrew ToppBruce Williams Greg Furze
1987Andrew ToppBruce WilliamsGreg Furze
1986Jim Munro Bruce WilliamsDavid Mudge
1985Jim MunroDot SaddDavid Mudge
1984Dr Les CsenderitsMarlene Darragh Pam Orlovich
1983Dr Les CsenderitsMarlene DarraghPam Orlovich
1982Dr Les CsenderitsMarlene Darragh Pam Orlovich
1981Dr Les CsenderitsMarlene DarraghPam Orlovich
1980Dr Les CsenderitsMarlene DarraghPam Orlovich
1979Dr Les CsenderitsMarlene DarraghJanet Lazell/ John Perry
1978John PerryDot SaddJanet Lazell
1977John PerryDot SaddJanet Lazell
1976Rod WoodsJohn PerryElizabeth Roberts
1975Ross FressleMike RegnisElizabeth Roberts
1974Ross FressleMike RegnisRon King
1973Kevin SainsburyPhil PheganCharles McCoy
1972Kevin SainsburyPhil PheganAlan Drews
1971Bruce MartinEdward TurnbullAlan Drews
1970Bruce MartinEdward TurnbullIan Shaw
1969Clem WalshEdward TurnbullIan Shaw
1968Col BowesEdward TurnbullFred Hutchinson
1967Robert BlytonRobert JonesFred Hutchinson
1966Robert BlytonDon Horne/ Robert JonesFred Hutchinson
1965Robert BlytonFrank GrimmFred Hutchinson
1964Robert BlytonFrank GrimmFrank Grimm
1963Robert BlytonKitch NolanFrank Grimm
1962Robert BlytonKitch Nolan Meire Vanderlight
1961Robert BlytonKitch Nolan  
1960Trevor MorganKitch Nolan 
1959Trevor MorganKitch Nolan 
1958Trevor MorganDon McPherson 
1957Trevor MorganDon McPherson 

The names for 1957 to 2011 have been extracted from “The Kissing Point Sports Club – A History”, by John Orlovich.